Air Source Heat Pumps

The Earth Save Products range of Air Source Heat Pumps absorb the heat from the outside air, even at minus temperatures.

We at Earth Save Products (ESP) have been manufacturing and installing Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHPs) for more than a decade. Our range of ESP ASHPs represent value for money and are easier to install than ground source heat pumps. Our ASHPs can save you thousands of pounds on your energy spend and can be installed in new builds or as a retrofit to an existing system.

With our range of ESP ASHPs all MCS accredited, you may be eligible to register your system for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which provides payments for 7 years (domestic) or 20 years (non-domestic) for the renewable heat that the system produces.

Through the RHI Scheme, many of our customers have recouped the costs of installing our products and have also lowered their energy bills and their carbon footprint.

Our Air Source Heat Pumps provide a Coefficient of Performance (COP) ranging from 3.5 to 5.

For those unfamiliar with this calculation, it’s very simple; for every £1 spent on electricity, the end user (customer) will generate anything from £3.50 to £5.00 worth of heat to their property via our ASHPs.

Outstanding Results

Our range of ESP ASHPs also achieve outstanding results when combined with our Underfloor Heating (UFH) systems (See ESP UFH). Of course, sometimes it’s just not possible to fit underfloor heating everywhere in a dwelling. Even with a new-build house, it’s possible that the design will not lend itself to UFH above the ground floor.

For retrofitting, UFH may be simply too difficult to install. However, we at ESP have the perfect solution for where UFH can’t be used – our range of Thermovec fan coil radiators that are designed to run at lower flow temperatures needed for ASHP systems. Thermovec rads can also be used for cooling in the warmer seasons.

The Thermovec rads make it possible to heat and cool large areas in your home or office space via our ASHPs.

Flexible Installation Options & Bespoke Design Service

ESP systems can incorporate other renewable technologies in an integrated system ESP will design, supply and install your very own bespoke system specifically with you and your customers in mind. We also take care of all the necessary MCS heat loss/noise calculations and carry out the MCS registration of the system to facilitate your RHI application process.

Quite simply we take care of everything that we can, from start to finish, and we are one of the only companies who can deliver a true ‘one stop shop’ solution. So you can be sure that you really are in safe hands with Earth Save Products.­

The Varimax Range

Let us also introduce our new ESP Varimax range of ASHP units. The units are, of course, MCS Accredited and deliver exceptional efficiency – with a COP of up to 5, the unit is breaking the mould and setting new standards of efficiency with the units today meeting the performance standards which are to be introduced in 2019.

Even better, the units are simple to specify and install and come with a 5-year warranty. They also have a tough corrosion resistant coating on the evaporator so that you can use them where others would not be suitable. Two unit sizes are currently available the 4 – 12 kW and 12 – 20 kW output versions.

What some of our clients have said

We picked up three awards for our contribution towards energy efficiency and renewable technologies.
Alastair Kay, NHS
I recently had an ESP ASHP installed for our underfloor heating and MVHR system installed. The team worked to budget and delivered it on time.
Peter Orr, Glencoe
I would just like to say that ESP are a very professional team to deal with. Worthy winners of two national awards.
Martin O'Donnell, NHS
We are delighted with out ESP system. We noticed our energy bills drop immediately and our home has never felt so cosy.
Sarah Williamson, Creetown
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Design & Consultation Service

I’m here to help you design your renewable energy system. You can also give us a call! 01294 551793 or email us on

Here at Earth Save Products we pride ourselves in our expertise and knowledge of our renewable systems.

For that reason we can absolutely guarantee that there is no one better to install our products than our very own team.

When it comes to installation we take full responsibility for the entire process from Air Source Heat Pump and Ecocent performance to the optimal layout of our Under Floor Heating systems and interface with other compatible systems.

In addition to this our design team offer all the assistance required to claim any grants available under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. This service includes a walk through of the complexities of Heat Load Calculations and the Audio Calculations required by Building Regulations.

Renewable Energy System Installations

Designed specifically for your requirements. Installed by professionals to ensure the best performance.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

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