Domestic Hot Water System

It’s not by chance…

The ESP Ecocent range of Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) based water heaters are the industry leaders.

Innovative design founded on experience, quality of materials,  coupled with attention to detail – all essential ingredients in an Earth saving products.

How does an Ecocent work?

The Ecocent Hot Water and Ventilation System is a unique product that has been tested and approved by the Building Research Establishment for inclusion in the Government Approved SAP Software which is the mandatory system used to calculate property SAP Ratings and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCS)

In recent years, developers have often resorted to installing PV and Solar Hot Water Panels to achieve compliant SAP ratings on new build properties, the ECOCENT  can help achieve a compliant SAP RATING without the need for either of these systems, which often upset the cosmetics of the property exterior and which rely on a suitable property orientation.

The use of an Ecocent Hot Water and Ventilation System will help new build properties achieve compliance of both Part L and F of the Building Regulations, but its use is not limited to new build properties, it is a system that can easily be incorporated in most properties new or old and can dramatically improve energy efficiency and the living environment.

The Ecocent Combines…

  • An Unvented Hot Water Cylinder (200ltr-300ltr)

  • An Mev Ventilation System (Extraction For All Wet Rooms)

  • An Air Source Heat Pump (Internal)

  • Waste Heat Recovery (Whilst In Hot Water Production Mode)

  • Dehumidification

There are NO additional specialized trades required to install the Ecocent hot water system.

  • Standard G3 plumbing in unvented hot water cylinders
  • Simple ducting installation (similar to MVHR)
  • Simply install an Ecocent unit rather than a standard hot water tank

Saving You Money

By installing an ECOCENT MEV-EAHP system you will achieve equivalent or improved SAP RATINGS at a greatly reduced system cost when compared to other renewable energy alternatives such as SOLAR PV, SOLAR THERMAL etc…

There are other cost reductions to be considered by installing the Ecocent system.

  • No requirement for extractor fans in wet rooms
  • No trickle vents required in wet rooms
  • No requirement for multiple coring or piercing of the thermal envelope
  • Only one air exhaust piercing required


ecocent money saving



Simply put, the Ecocent is enormously efficient. For every 1KW of electricity you put in, you get about 3-4KW of energy out! That’s not a typo. If you compare that with say an immersion heater, where every 1KW of energy you put in you’ll likely get no more than 0.95K back, it’s easy to see how much less power you’ll use with a Ecocent – and how much you’ll save.



The ECA scheme for energy saving technologies encourages businesses to invest in energy saving and carbon friendly products. This allows businesses to write off the total cost of the equipment. Call one of our team for details.

ecocent reason 3


The Ecocent draws in moist and steamy air from bathrooms and kitchens, and while it’s harvesting the energy from that air it removes the water vapor too. So unlike with a traditional bathroom extractor fan, or even an open window, with an Ecocent mildew and mould are things of the past. Not only that but even hot and humid summer days feel better too!


Apart from removing moisture and humidity, the Ecocent can also improve the air quality in your home. When used as an MEV it very gently draws air from all over your home IN to key areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Because the air pressure is going to be slightly lower in those areas, all nasty niffs and odours won’t permeate OUT to the rest of the house, leaving air fresher and purer.

ecocent reason 5


Because your Ecocent can efficiently supply all your domestic hot water requirements all year round, when you don’t need to heat your house you simply don’t need your boiler turned on. So when the weather warms up, switch the boilers off and stock up on your oil or LPG for winter at cheaper summer prices and save even more!


With an Ecocent as part of you MEV solution, there’s no need for noisy extractor fans that can wake you up when someone uses the bathroom at night. You can also relax in the reassuring knowledge that your household bills are going to be lower!

What some of our clients have said

We picked up three awards for our contribution towards energy efficiency and renewable technologies.
Alastair Kay, NHS
I recently had an ESP ASHP installed for our underfloor heating and MVHR system installed. The team worked to budget and delivered it on time.
Peter Orr, Glencoe
I would just like to say that ESP are a very professional team to deal with. Worthy winners of two national awards.
Martin O'Donnell, NHS
We are delighted with out ESP system. We noticed our energy bills drop immediately and our home has never felt so cosy.
Sarah Williamson, Creetown
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In addition to this our design team offer all the assistance required to claim any grants available under the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive. This service includes a walk through of the complexities of Heat Load Calculations and the Audio Calculations required by Building Regulations.

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