Achieve Improved SAP Ratings for your property with an Ecocent MEV System

Ecocent Hot Water & Mechanical Extraction Ventilation (MEV) system can help you achieve a SAP pass.

The Ecocent will enhance the SAP calculation process, which will improve the overall EPC rating of your property.

The Ecocent delivers a reliable supply of hot water, improved air quality and essential ventilation for all wet rooms within the property. This is achieved by combining the Ecocent’s air source heat pump (ASHP) and it’s mechanical extraction ventilation system (MEV).

Ecocent - Mechanical Extraction Ventilation System - Improving SAP Ratings
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The Ecocent MEV – Mechanical Extraction Ventilation System Provides…

  • Extraction from All Wet Rooms (MEV)

  • Unvented Hot Water Cylinder

  • Internal Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

  • Waste Heat Recovery System

  • Dehumidification

Installing to Ecocent MEV System is Straight Forward

You do not need any specialised trades to install the Ecocent hot water, mechanical extraction ventilation system.  You can install the Ecocent MEV system using standard G3 Plumbing, the same as an unvented hot water cylinder. The extraction of wet rooms uses simply ducting, similar to mechanical ventilation heat recovery systems.

Saving money with the Ecocent MEV

When you install the Ecocent MEV system your property will achieve an improved EPC rating. Better still, in the majority of installations the system is far more cost effective when compared with other renewable energy systems (Solar, PV, Solar Thermal etc).

The installation is not the only way that the Ecocent system will help you save money…

  • No requirement for extractor fans in wet rooms

  • No trickle vents required in wet rooms

  • No requirement for multiple coring or piercing of the thermal envelope

  • Only one air exhaust piercing required

Mechanical Extraction Ventilation System (MEV) - House Plan
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SAP Survey Comparison

To help demonstrate how effective the Evocent MEV can improve the SAP rating we commissioned two surveys on the same property. The only difference was the type of hot water cylinder that was installed.


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