nhs-article-300x216NHS Ayrshire & Arran are leading the way by joining the green revolution with their renewable hot water system at Crosshouse Hospital

The award winning Ecocent hot water system generates domestic hot water (DHW) by extracting warm air. Using an internal air source heat pump 60°C. By recovering heat normally wasted the system can dramatically reduce energy consumption.

The Ecocent hot water system can be used both domestic and commercially. Any property that has one or more rooms that generate heat that is normally wasted can benefit. This can be a plant room, bathroom, shower complex or in the case of Crosshouse hospital a kitchen.

With the Ecocent system you can also cool areas of your property. One of the free by-products of extracting heat from the waste air is cold air. This can be diverted to areas of the building that are normally too warm to provide a cooling solution. The areas in which the Ecocent is extracting air from are also dehumidified. Leading to improved work / living conditions for those using the property and lowered energy bills.

The system has a range of different installation configurations making it one of the most flexible systems on the market. You can install the Ecocent system as a mains pressure unit or feed the water supply using gravity.

The Ecocent hot water system is also MCS accredited. Just one of many reasons to choose this product from Earth Save Products.

The Crosshouse Project

a9r17e_page_3-nhsWe installed four Ecocent hot water systems within the kitchen at Crosshouse Hospital, this is one of the main facilities within NHS Ayrshire & Arran. These units are used to supply hot water to the commercial dishwashers located within this area and to the sinks adjacent to them.

The waste heat in this case is being extracted from the kitchen and the cool air exhaust is being delivered back to the working area.

The overall effect is that the kitchen is a cooler, less humid place to work. The start of times for the dishwashers has been greatly reduced as they are now being fed hot water instead of cold. The overall project has dramatically reduced the energy being used, both in heating the water in the kitchen and by removing the need for the air conditioning to cool the room.

The unit runs off reverse refrigeration taking waste heat from the area and return 300 litres of 60°C hot  water in a self contained tank.

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