Recently our team of engineers have been working down in the Scottish Borders installing an under floor heating system. This new build property has been designed and built to have an extremely low carbon footprint with Earth Save Products technology right at the heart of this project.

The project is still very much at the construction stage, but the team thought it would be a good idea to share some images of the work in progress.

Over 1 Mile of Pipe-Work

When planning pipe-work for under floor heating systems it’s very important to ensure that the spacing is not too far apart and that all required areas are well covered. The examples below show the layout of this project. In the second image you can see that we have marked out an area of the floor to exclude. This is within a kitchen and where a large fixed island is going to be installed. Pipe-work close to manifolds can become congested, however as long as these are properly fixed and providing adequate cover this is perfectly acceptable.

Underfloor Heating - Pipework 1 Underfloor Heating - Pipework 2

Under floor Heating Floor Plan

In large projects such as this one the under floor heating system should be carefully planned out and split into zones that can be controlled together or independently. Below you can see the Earth Save Products under floor heating system plan for this project. Each of the different zones has been colour coded. You can see the locations of the different heating system manifolds and the pipe-work running to and from these and covering the entire floor within the building.

Underfloor Heating Plan