The year 2015 saw Earth Save Products growing from strength to strength. One of our biggest successes to date has been the project undertaken for the NHS at Crosshouse Hospital in East Ayrshire.

The objectives of the NHS were clear from the outset. Implementing sustainable resource management, turning waste heat into renewable domestic hot water, cooling areas prone to intense overheating, improving working conditions and increasing team productivity were at the height of their priorities and we happily accepted the challenge then by far exceeded expectations.

Implementing technologies accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, Earth Save Products got to work installing our award winning Ecocent Air Source Heat Pumps. Resulting in the removal of all stand alone fans the successful installation now uses renewable enrgy to offer cool air production at 12 degrees celsius which creates a more comfortable working environment and also reduces the costs of catering equipment.

The project also saw the removal of all electrical dishwasher elements as they are now fed with a constant supply of 60 degrees celcius hot water resulting in each dishwasher cycle time being halved, a 75% reduction in dishwasher start up time and the implementation of a new hot water rinse hose.

A combination of these factors along with impressive economic savings led to the successful completion of this project for the NHS and another step forward the award winning Earth Save Products’ Ecocent.